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Do you have challenges communicating with your employees?


Do you need a robust, secure and simple app based channel to help communicate, inform and connect with your entire team?

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Global Human Capital Trends



Companies with highly effective communication enjoy 47% higher total returns compared with firms that are least effective at communicating.



Communicating companies experience 30% higher market valuation compared with their poorer communicating cousins.



75% categorised the purpose of their employee well-being programmes as promoting employee productivity and improving bottom line results.



81% of company employees rated the impact of connected work tools on personal productivity as being positive.

Sources: Towers Watson Study / Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 

We have the solution you need.

What does our Employee App do?


Enable consistent, quick and easy communication to your entire workforce.


In a world of constant change, make sure employees have access to the information they need and want.


Increase employee connection and engagement by building your instant communication channel of relevant information.

Appiercom 360 makes communication easy, flexible, dynamic, fast and can provide a tailored mobile app solution to meet the needs of your organisation.

“Appiercom provided us with a unique solution that allowed us to communicate with our team of 960 – seamlessly.”

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Ireland

Team No.


Team Engagement

Appiercom 360 Facts

Employee Centric Communication

The Appiercom 360 App is an independent, standalone app. Developed to maximise the communication window and communicate where people are accessible on their mobile device. 


Our App has hundreds of potential menu features and variations that can be tailored to your company needs. The App is also customised with your company branding. 

Quick and Easy Set Up

Our simple to use system is quick and easy to set up for both the organisation and the employee. We pride ourselves on our top quality implementation, customer service and technical support. 


Our system has level 7 SSL certificates, the latest security protocols and incursion test from third parties (external feeds) are run periodically. Fully GDPR compliant. 

Enhanced Internal Communication

Our Apps provide a simple and dedicated channel for intersecting with employees around specific messaging and is supported in 30+ languages. From office workers to remote workers to plant workers, our app means you can reach your whole organisation. 

Our Technology

We use the latest PWA technology which allows the app to be downloaded and upgraded without visiting the app store. Our App also works on all mobile platforms.

“The rapid communications solution provided by Appiercom allowed us to connect instantly with employees across multiple sites and locations in a quick and simple way”

Cathal Esler, HR Manager – Shannon Group PLC

Team No.


Team Engagement

Employee Communications Journey

Appiercom 360 makes it easier to communicate with all your employees during their journey in your organisation.

preboarding licon
Orientation Calendar – Company Policies – Welcome video from CEO

Induction Icon
Feedback and Questions – Induction to company – Induction Information

Communication Icon
Dedicated HR Noticeboard – Company News – Fun Activity Module – Employee Prize Draw

Engagement Icon
Fitness Challenge Module – Suggestion Box employee Surveys – Speak Up Policy documents

Progression Icon
Internal Vacancies – Training Material – Application for Courses – Course Calendar

Mentoring Icon
Personal Development Plan – Training and Development Noticeboard – To Do List

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What do Employees Say?

“Since the launch of the new Employee App, management have been great at sharing the news, vision and goals of the company. As a result, the Chinese whispers have died out and conspiracy theories put to rest. I for one am grateful for the change in atmosphere and people seem happier for it.”


Field Sales/ Account Manager, Manufacturing Company

“I have only been here 4 weeks but I have to say I am very happy so far – induction was a breeze with everything I needed on a handy app. I quickly got to know people and got comfortable around the office by chatting with people about the latest updates from HQ in the company newsfeed. I feel I understand how the company works better already than I did after 4 years at my last job!”


New Employee, Legal Firm

“I’m away from the office often, which can mean I miss out on a lot of what’s happening. Through our own app, I’m kept up to date on, not just the work side, but also the social side of work. And it’s that social side of work that is often underestimated as a driver of performance.”


Senior Project Lead, Pharmacutical Company

“Corporate culture and internal branding are two concepts our CEO has mentioned many times in the past. Through the new company app, I finally understand what she has been talking about. Instead of it just being more fluff, I can see now how important the great culture we are developing at work is.”


Team Leader, Financial Advisor Company

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